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Tech tots: Do you worry about the negative impact technology is having on your kids?

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Claire HarnEnz

Not only on my kids but on myself too!!


i think too much technology is terrible for young kids. It stifles their creativity.


I think there are more positives than negatives when it comes to kids with technology.

Rose Pacino

I worry about the impact it is having on all children. I visited my old middle school recently and outside, where everyone used to wait for each other to talk and socialize face-to-face, it now is just bunch of kids standing by themselves on their phones. It's so sad to see, really.

Winny McSweeny

I limit screen time for this very reason. Rots the brain. It's rotting mine as we speak.

Allie McG

Yes and I feel like I use tech as a babysitter when I need to get housework done. Trying to be better about it.

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