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Talking white: Has your speech or manner ever been criticized by members of your own race?

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Talking white: Has your speech or manner ever been criticized by members of your own race?

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Claire HarnEnz

I feel like being told this would be hurtful and is a rather aggressive comment.

Rochelle Dukes Fritsch

I've heard the age old "But you don't sound black" from white and black people alike. With black people, it always seemed to be underpinned by the sentiment that I was trying to be something I wasn't. With white people, it seemed as though they were trying to compliment me. I finally got to a point of maturity and was able to say to both black and white people that "I sound INTELLIGENT; and no race has cornered the market in intelligence."

...but it took awhile for me to get to that point.

Reyna Guerra

All the damn time

Regina Spurlock

Being questioned about how you speak is sooooo irritating. I grew up in Mississippi, where almost everyone has a super southern accent. But I'm originally from Maryland, and my parents don't really have regional accents. I was always asked, "Why do you talk so proper?" or "Is that your real voice?" Thankfully in my situation, it was usually genuine curiosity instead of teasing.


birds of a feather flock together, and when one of the birds flies different, the other birds get nervous. You're welcome.

Gina Santana

I'm puertorican from the Bronx so people
Expect me
To have some kind
Of accent. It's really annoying that people are so ignorant.


black girls talking white, white girls talking black, Madonna talking British. Can we all just accept each other as global citizens of the universe and if we want to talk a certain way, then let it be! Stop judging, y'all. Hey! I'm not southern!

Brandy Crawford

It took a while but I definitely entered into adulthood actually loving my voice!! And I also moved to New York which is where all white sounding black women live so I'M HOME Y'ALL


Only by myself aka I hate the sound of my own voice.


When I was a mentor in college, I listened to so many young minorities express hurt and pain over the phrases "talking/acting white." I think when minorities say it to each other they're degrading their own race and lowering expectations of each other. I just hate those phrases so, so much.


Yes. I've had black people tell me I speak white and I've even had white friends tell me they're blacker than me or tell me that I'm not black. They're comments said in jest, but they always hurt. But, ultimately, I take pride in the fact that I'm a young, smart, educated black woman who has a strong grasp of the English language, and it continues to confuse me that speaking fluently/properly is associated with a certain race, i.e. white people.

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