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20% of marriages are sexless. Are you in a sexless marriage and are you struggling with what to do?

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20% of marriages are sexless. Are you in a sexless marriage and are you struggling with what to do?

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Francine Zuo

No but I have been through rough patches in my sex life. I try to keep in mind that your sex life goes in ebbs and flows.

Not Sure

so can a regular therapist handle this? Or should you go to a Sex Therapist? or a sex worker?

Jashita Baret

I am shocked that sexless is considered 10 times a year. I have sex way less than that.

Karen Cahn

I was in one!


Yes I am.

Jennifer Bardall

It's difficult when the "typical" roles are reversed. Aren't we ladies supposed to be the ones who don't want it, who aren't interested or who are too tired? And aren't our men supposed to be the insufferable hound dogs? It's so tough when the roles are reversed, almost as if there's no advice to fall back on.


Not anymore but I was….and it was awful! If both people want to change it then it is something you should actively work to do which I think does sometimes mean having sex when you aren't totally in the mood but if only one of you is trying to get things back on track then there is probably a much bigger issue at hand. I do think a healthy sex life is vital to a healthy marriage or partnership so if you don't have one the other probably won't stand the test of time either. Happy to say I have more and much, much better sex now that I'm out of that marriage.


I thought I was alone in this nightmare. I've considered going on Ashley Madison dot com but am scared my husband will see it on the computer. Damn cloud!

Allie McG

all of my girlfriends talk about how they are so sick of doing their husbands, and they just all want to get it overwith. it's so sad. I'm glad I'm not married.

Sarah Sommers

In my relationship, we both value quality over quantity. Are we having sex 4-times a week? No. Are we having sex at least once or twice a week? Yes. I'm proud of it and I'm proud of how much fun we still have doing it!

Rose Pacino

Thankfully, I am not, but I certainly do notice us getting lazier and lazier with our sex life as we get older. Truthfully, those lazy times make the rare crazy/sexy times that much better, it infuses life back into our, life!


I was in a sexless marriage for 10 years and it was torture. We ended up divorcing and now we are both very happy with new partners who we are more sexually compatible with.

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This video explains the sexless marriage epidemic. It's a problem.

Posted by VProud on Tuesday, January 12, 2016