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Cream of the crop tops: Are larger women being judged for wearing them?

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Eve Hinson

Women are judged for any fashion they wear -- good, bad or indifferent. I've been 300+ lbs and two years ago I was 135 lbs. Either side of that scale, folks will judge, comment and share their opinion. At the end of the day it only matters if you feel like you can rock it, feel good in it and have confidence (and of course, keep in mind some basics like work wear ethic etc) friggin' flaunt it. Embrace your fashion and define your own womanhood. Middle finger to the rest of them.


The women that don't 'fit' societies idea of beauty can wear ANYTHING and be judged by it, even if they look stunning in it. That's just part of the way women are conditioned growing up, perfect body/face, prince/princess charming. Perfection in imperfect creatures is an impossible feat. If you feel beautiful inside it shows on the outside, no matter your size. I do however take issue with women of any size wearing clothing that is too small and shows more than is appropriate ie bend over and everyone see's what the Lord gave you, shirts that barely cover the nipples, I find that offensive and degrading. If you want to walk around half naked, stay home or find a nudist colony. It gives the wrong message to our young women that going around half dressed is OK . Size should never be an issue but it has become such a hot topic that anyone over a size 9 isn't considered beautiful.

Nana Nancy

Plus sized women are judged no matter what they wear, whether it is a crop top or yoga pants...people are just mean, however it wouldn't hurt for some women to use better judgement in deciding what is truly flattering.

Carla Faith

Unfortunately, I've heard a few judgmental women and "fashion experts" claim that crop tops aren't for plus-sized gals. I think crop tops are for anyone who doesn't want to melt in the summer heat.

Not Sure

Regardless of size, people are weird about crop tops. I'm all about them, but I know people who feel personally offended by someone trying to flaunt midriff. Ridiculous.

Violet Bee

Ya know, a crop top is that item of clothing that you feel confident in when you are alone at home, looking in the mirror, but the second you go outside you feel everyone's eyes drawn to your bare midriff. It makes me feel so self-conscious and any and all confidence goes out the window.

Kate Anderson

I hope not! As long as you look confident, women can rock anything!

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This is what you need to know about fat girls and crop tops.

Posted by VProud on Wednesday, January 13, 2016