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Reducing anxiety sans medicine: Do you know how to naturally relieve stress?

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Tayler Mitchell

I love this video. The power of the mind combined is truly amazing. I don't usually agree with pharmaceutical treatment (for stress, anxiety, depression etc.) because there are so many earthly options and inner-thy-self methods. Believe and the universe will grant your wish.

Kate Anderson

I love this video. I think the first step should be alleviating mental health through natural methods, then medicine. great video!

Bailie Saltzman

Yoga and meditation are a huge help for me! I've also realized that there's a direct correlation between my sugar intake, and my anxiety. However, in most cases I'm still a big supporter of therapy!

Not Sure

Natural remedies/techniques are definitely a huge help in anxiety reduction, but for some people it's just not enough. Great video though!!

Dana Lee

Yoga and meditation!


I love holistic stress management, it's a life saver.

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