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Run for your life: Has running improved your mental health?

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Run for your life: Has running improved your mental health?

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Claire HarnEnz

Running has been one of the most influential things in my life in the past years. I can't imagine living without it as it keeps me more balanced and mentally sane than anything else.

Molly Joyce

Yes!! Running has worked wonders for my mental health. I enjoy running to begin with, but I notice my mood is significantly boosted after a run, no matter how far I go!

I also notice that when I go a few days or weeks without a good run, things in my life feel a little out of place. I'm usually a bit moodier, messier, and sleepier!


Yes! I am a much better mom, wife, friend, etc. when I run. I started running not that long ago--literally did couch to 5k to learn how--and it really changed my days!


Running has helped me through so much in recent years. I can always count on it to "reset" my day. It is almost like waking up again.

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Violet Bee

I've been looking for something I can do myself, without the addition of therapy or whatever, that could help me clear my mind. Meditation hasn't worked for me, but I have a feeling that something more active like running will do the trick. Screw you, knees!

Sarah Sommers

I don't run nearly enough, but every time I go out for a run I always feel so great. My head is clearer, my to-do list gets smaller...all good things.

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This is how running improves mental health.

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