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Snooze or lose: Do you have good sleep hygiene?

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Snooze or lose: Do you have good sleep hygiene?

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I used to be such a good sleeper, but am having a hard time lately. These tips are perfect and timely for me. **So much of life is harder when tired. Sleep is so underrated!)

Bailie Saltzman

If there was an award for best sleeper, I think I'd win!


I used to lay in bed awake and then I read that you shouldn't lay in bed awake for more than 20 min. You should instead get up and do a relaxing activity. I downloaded a meditation app and when I can't sleep I play a 5 min meditation clip and it really works wonders.

Bernadette Lewis

I have to say, some of these tips sound pretty obvious, but if you really think about it - like, have I really set up the most comfortable environment for me to sleep in? - you may find that you've got some work to do for a healthier sleep!

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