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Let's globe-trot! Do you feel safe coming out on the road?

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Lindsay Amer

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Let's globe-trot! Do you feel safe coming out on the road?

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Char J. Stoever

Thanks for posting on my Wanderful column, Lindsay!

I feel relatively safe coming out, since as a Peace Corps Volunteer I am lucky enough to have been placed in a large city, since being queer was a safety concern for me. When I am in the country, though, I do not come out unless I trust the people I am with. It is always a mental game. I want to post a video soon after I have reflected more on this. Thanks again!

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Lindsay Amer

This is an interesting experiment I'm sort of conducting while I'm travelling right now. I'm going through countries which have thriving backpacking/traveller communities and I feel safe being out within those circles, but I'm having to watch myself when I talk to locals. I'm staying at a few Airbnbs with locals so I'll see how I feel when I'm there.


I think some countries would be extremely scary and unsafe to share ones sexual identity, which is sad.

alexis allen

I think Lindsay brings up good points. You have to be careful who you come out to because not everybody is so accepting.

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