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You’re Not Crazy: Do you get annoyed when people ask you about having kids?

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You’re Not Crazy: Do you get annoyed when people ask you about having kids?

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Gabriela Barrios

Yes!!! Specially in the Latino culture. I am now considered "spoiled milk" because I am past 25 without any children or worst, a husband! Escandalo!

Veronica Lodge

No, I realize that it is mostly a question that people ask when making polite conversation.

Leah Bonnema

It makes me feel like my personal business is open for public forum when I'm needled about not having kids yet. I also have a lot of friends who are having trouble getting pregnant and it makes them so miserable when they're asked. And it doesn't feel like just a question -- it always feels like a value judgement.

Jeni CandidMommy

As a divorced mom of two boys I get asked this ALL. THE. TIME! And when I say that I am done they then continue to ask "but what if your future husband does" etc etc etc

It never ends. ha

Kate Anderson

As soon as I had my daughter, people asked me that week when I thought I would have more kids! I had literally just given birth to a baby!

Nicole Belanger

It's only just started happening recently! It's like some switch gets flipped at 25. At least the people that really count (close family, friends) don't pry like that so I'm counting my blessings!


one of my close friends has had a more than a few miscarriages. It breaks her heart when people ask her when she is going to have kids.

Carey Reilly

I don't get annoyed because I HAVE KIDS - but i guess I'm one of those annoying people WHO DO ask other women.

Brandy Crawford

Especially because I just got married - I hate that it goes DIRECTLY from "so when are you getting married" to "so when are you having kids". Can other people please just GET A LIFE AND LET ME LIVE MINE?

Her Report

I want kids one day, but I have friends who don't. Whether people ask me or those friends, I think it's rude. There's always a subtle implication that as women, we should want them. We're more than just baby-making machines.

Yael Averbuch

Because I'm an athlete I feel like people can be very judgmental about when I'll retire and start a family. I do want to have kids, but I don't like when they ask in a way that is assuming I'm doing it any time soon


Kid small talk for women is equivalent to sports small talk for men. People just assume all women want kids and all men wanna talk sports. Not true!


yes. I have never wanted to have kids and I hate that people always assume that women want to have kids. That I will be missing out on something. Why is it anyone else's business but my own?

Not Sure
alexis allen

I always used to ask people this but then I realized that it was so incredibly nosy. I was intending to be curious, not offensive, but I realize now that so many people don't want to have kids and that is fine.


Yes, regardless of whether or not I want to have them, people still drive me crazy with that question. I guess I'm not as crazy as I think I am!

Karen Cahn

Yes, I do. I have kids and I still find that people will ask me if I want more kids and the question is just rude. People feel like they can ask women any rude question they want and that it's ok. It's not.

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