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Sexism at Work: Have you been subtly sexually harassed at work?

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Sexism at Work: Have you been subtly sexually harassed at work?

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Dixie Lincoln-Nichols

A coworker bought me a gift. I returned it and explained that I'm married and not interested. However, he would always make inappropriate comments about the way I looked. Eventually, I had to cut off all communication.

Jashita Baret

Yes, the ceo of a company I worked for made a very unsubtle approach once. It was not good.

Maggie O

I've been not subtly harassed multiple times at work. Guys just think it's normal to hit on you.

Her Report

Yup, subtly and not-so subtly. In my last job a man I worked with "jokingly" put his arm around my shoulder and grabbed my breast at a company happy hour—in a group of employees. I was mortified. He said, "Ohhhh it's okay, I'm gay, I don't even like boobs," as if that'd justify it. I said, "I'm not attracted to children and I don't go around touching them." I never felt comfortable at a happy hour with that company again.

Karen Cahn

yes, a number of times. It was subtle but not so subtle. Men think they are being subtle, but it's never subtle. I was strong enough to just blow it off and move on with my life and career, but it doesn't make it less wrong.

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