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Anxious Moments: Do you have your own special brand of anxiety?

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Anxious Moments: Do you have your own special brand of anxiety?

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Her Report

I have my own anxious moments but writing it out has always helped me to process my anxiety.


obviously most of us do.

Carlie Gould

I only tend to get anxiety for the small things like when my room is messy.

Not Sure
Samantha Baker

Sometimes I feel anxious so it goes away pretty quick. I don't take meds for it, but it's good to know I'm not alone.


oh yah. nail biter over here.

Molly Steinberg

I was blessed with super chill parents so I don't have anxiety.

Forever 31

yes, it may or may not include tugging at my hair at nervous moments or excessive gum chewing.

alexis allen

I get anxious about things that WILL never happen but I still spend a lot of time and brainpower thinking about them. I love how honest these ladies are. They make me feel much better about my own anxieties.


Absolutely, and I am the best advertisement! I wear that anxiety all over me.

Leah Bonnema

I dwell in anxiety.

Karen Cahn

I relate most to the idea of "dead before rude" in this video, where Krystyna, Esther, and Bea talk about how women are taught to be nice and sweet, and that can get us into situations where we go along with an unsafe situation. Very relatable.

Veronica Lodge

I get very anxious about flying. I am nervous about being stuck in the plane and especially nervous of an attack or the plane going down. I have to fly a lot for my job but it is still hard every time.

Molly Steinberg

Yes, I vacillate from having trich to nail biting to other weird anxiety habits.

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Women & Anxiety

Women talk about our special brand of anxiety #YoureNotCrazy

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