What is VProud?  


VProud is a video-driven conversation platform, built for women by women.  Our mission is to cultivate honest conversations among women in a safe and nonjudgmental environment.


Every conversation begins with a video and a thought-provoking headline that inspires women to engage with each other.


You can participate in discussions publicly through your favorite social media login or privately through a custom account.  Because let’s face it, you don’t want your boss or your Aunt Gertrude knowing your private business. 


Browse, search, and discover conversations with real women about intimate topics that you are dying to talk about without revealing your name unless you want to.   

VProud features proprietary technology that weeds out hateful and violent comments that could potentially disrupt your conversation.  In addition, we encourage our community to take part in "troll patrol" – if you see something, say something! Simply click on the tiny troll icon next to any comment that looks inappropriate.  


If you can't find what you want, start your own conversation!  We are an open platform and you can be a conversation starter, too.


Need help?  Guidance?  Therapy?  help@vproud.tv