What is VProud?


VProud is a place for women to have the most honest conversations they have ever had across a wide variety of topics. It’s a video-based social network, open to anyone who wants to participate.


Conversations begin with a video, made by women, and a headline meant to inspire thoughtful discussion.  


There are three ways to participate on VProud:


  • Be a voyeur
  • Be a contributor
  • Be a conversation starter


What does the V stand for?




Why did you start the site?


Our mission is to cultivate honest conversations among women in a safe and nonjudgmental environment.  We are all tired of our “friends” curated lives on public social media sites; so much of it seems fake and contrived.  We wanted to create a more honest conversation experience, just for women, that is not a waste of time.  We are also tired of the haters who make conversations on other social sites unproductive and downright mean.  


And also, a video social network just for women doesn't exist today. So we built one. 


Who is the site meant for?


All adult women, ages 18+, who want to have respectful, honest, and fun conversations with other women.


What does VProud believe in?


  1. We believe in “being alone together”: Success to us is when a woman struggling with an issue finds another woman who is struggling with the same issue and is able to feel a little less isolated, less shame, and, frankly, just a little bit better.

  2. We believe that all women should be heard, not just a select few.  That’s why we made our platform open.

  3. We DON’T believe in being “mean girls”: No name calling and no rude behavior.  Have fun, be honest, be funny, be sad, be whatever, but don’t be an a-hole.

  4. We DO believe in LOL. Life is hard for all of us. That’s right, all of us.  So, we weave comedy into many of the “video conversation starters,” even with some of the serious topics. You’re welcome.


How did the idea come about?


We love video and we're sick of internet trolls. Good ideas come from simple insights. 


How does privacy work?


  • You can have both a public and a private identity–yay!  
  • VPublic is your Facebook, Google+ or Twitter name. Your comments will not be displayed on any of those social sites, only on VProud, but the comment will display your real name.
  • VPrivate is your custom account where you can create a private identity.  Your comments will be displayed just like everyone else’s, except yours will be from your alter-ego, so nobody will know it’s you.
  • You can easily toggle back and forth between your VPublic and VPrivate identities depending on how you chose to identify yourself in each conversation.  You can switch to VPublic or VPrivate at the top of any screen on VProud.


Who can see my profile page?


Any user can see your profile picture and your bio if you have chosen to upload one. In order for someone to see your full profile, including your active conversations and your activity stream, they need to request to follow you and you need to approve them.


The same logic applies to both VPublic and VPrivate profiles.  If you don’t want someone seeing your stuff, then don’t let them follow you. And if you don’t want anyone to know anything about you, don’t upload a picture and don’t fill out the bio. It’s that simple.  


How do I find conversations that I might be interested in?


  1. Browse through the categories and topics in the black navigation bar on every page, on every screen.  There are over 50 topics to choose from.  You can filter conversations on any page by the most recent, the most participants, the most comments, the most V’s.

  2. Search using keywords with commas between them and find the exact topic you want.  Our search function is constantly improving so be patient and try a few different keyword if you don’t get what you want on the first try.


If you can't find what you want, start your own conversation!  We are an open platform so that you can be a conversation starter, too.


How do I start a conversation?


  1. Click the yellow “+ New Conversation” button at the top right hand  side of any page.

  2. Fill out the form:

    • Find a video: A reasonably short, very entertaining conversation starter video from any female creator (including you) on YouTube or Vimeo. You can find videos simply by searching on YouTube or Vimeo for what your conversation topic is about.  Make sure the video either stars, is written by, is produced by, or is directed by a woman because part of VProud's mission is to foster and support a female creative economy.

    • Write a headline: 120 characters or less, and it must have a question or a declarative statement that can be answered “agree, disagree, or not sure”.

    • Select keywords: At least 3 keywords or phrases so when users search for conversations, yours comes up!

    • Pick a category: This is where you want your conversation to appear on VProud.tv.  

    • Invite your friends: Only if you want to.  It’s a great way to get more engagement on your conversation.

  3. Click submit.

  4. Our team of experts will edit your headline and make sure the video you selected adheres to our site’s vibe.

  5. We will publish your conversation asap.

  6. Check your profile page for updates on progress.


How do I join the discussion and comment?


  1. Anywhere you see a pink comment icon. Select from three choices of opinions about the headline: agree, disagree, or not sure.

  2. Express yourself in the comment box below.

  3. Your comment will instantly appear color coded based on your response: Green is “agree”; red is “disagree”; and yellow is “not sure”.


How do I attach an article, a video, an image, or my op-ed into an existing conversation?


  1. Click on the "Add Related Content" tab on any page.

  2. Attach your content.

  3. All related content is approved by our editors before it goes live so we can control spam or inappropriate submissions.

  4. Check your profile page for updates.


How do I “like” something or “follow” someone?


The hot pink V you see everywhere is our version of “like” and “follow.”


When are you going to make an app for iOS and Android?


ASAP! We are currently working on developing both apps and hope to release them in early 2015.  Our mobile sites work on all screens currently so you don’t have to wait for our app to enjoy VProud.tv on your mobile and tablet.


Can I private message someone on VProud?


You will be able to soon.  We are working on it.  


Who do I email if I have a technical issue?


help@vproud.tv.  Please remember that we are a start-up of actual humans so it may take us a bit of time to respond but we promise we will respond.


Who do I contact if I would like to advertise my brand on VProud.tv?


brands@vproud.tv.  A branded-content expert will contact you as soon as we receive your request.